Separate registrations are needed for DAY 1 (21.06) and DAY 2 (22.06) of the Workshop. Registration can be performed electronically using the registration forms provided below, or during the days of the conference at the registration desk. However, given the limited number of places, we strongly encourage potential attendees to register electronically before the conference.

DAY 1 (21.06)

The registration for Prof. Isabelle Peretz`s keynote lecture is free of charge. The number of places is 450. Potential attendees are asked to register using the "Day 1 registration form". Registrations will be given on a "first arrived first served" basis. If the number of registrations will exceed 450, the remaining registrations will be kept on a "reserve list" in case other participants will resign.

DAY 2 (22.06)

The registration to Day 2 of the Workshop is free of charge for undergraduates and graduate students (e.g., doctoral students). For participants with a Ph.D. degree, the registration fee is 380 PLN (approx. 100 Euros) . Due to the limited number of available places (240), participants will be registered on a "first arrived first served" basis.

In order to register, please choose one of the "Day 2 registration" forms below.